Our own Logo Big Carrot

The concept of the Big Carrot

Having an unusual logo is important if you want to attract attention to your company.
The Big Carrot is unusual in many ways. We could leave you to figure out which ways, but to save time. . . Carrots are not usually big (not this big), the shape is that of a baby carrot, which makes it endearing, the colour is more red than normal - adding warmth, the foliage is 'punk' which adds to the humour and perhaps not least, what's a Big Carrot got to do with design? - normally nothing - until now.

Big Carrot logo
Going the extra mile to produce a particular effect is what sets Big Carrot ahead of the rest.

How do you make a tiny Carrot look Big?
Think Big!
Big Carrot as iceberg with tiny Titanic